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Leopold’s Ice Cream

If you could chew ice cream, this would be the closest thing to it! It’s that thick and creamy. I kept wondering with each bite what is their secret ingredients. With their Greek heritage, my mind wandered to the thickness of Greek yogurts. Is their some method that they applied similar to how Greek yogurt is made to create that rich, creamy texture? We may never know but we will enjoy all the same.  

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Destination: Perkin's Cove

There is a magical little place in Ogunquit called Perkin's Cove. We always make it a summer stop because it is so exciting for the entire family. It is a world away from the hustle of Route 1 traffic and shops.  Depending on the hour you arrive, you never know what you will experience. Some days we have arrived into the thickest fog you get wet walking through it! Other times, the horn is blowing to signal the pedestrian drawbridge is lifting.

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