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Stinson Beach, California

As we are teetering on the edge of spring, dreaming of summer as the last flakes of snow sprinkle down outside.  Our next vacation may still be a few weeks away but we have the memories of our favorite family vacation spots to keep us warm.  I can smell the salty air now. I can feel my skin warmed by the sun. King Winter is fading. Road to Stinson Beach, California Coastal Highway 1  One of the many that goes unmentioned when you have children is that your vacations will never, ever be the same. We don't want to give up our plush bedrooms for bunk bed rooms.  We don't want to be sent to a far corner of the...

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Here we go!

We started this journey over one year ago. It was few weeks into the New Year 2014 when we knew this year was going to be a different kind of year. It was the year to start the business we had always dreamed of creating. There was an energy in the air, our hearts beat a little faster and we got to work. Now there would have been easier times in our life to start a clothing line. Plenty of times in fact. Yet we chose the craziest time in our life. We were knee-deep in baby diapers, navigating toddler emotions and sleep deprived. Yes, it was a perfect time to start a business. The idea for bud & june started at the...

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