Destination: Perkin's Cove

There is a magical little place in Ogunquit called Perkin's Cove. We always make it a summer stop because it is so exciting for the entire family. It is a world away from the hustle of Route 1 traffic and shops.  Depending on the hour you arrive, you never know what you will experience. Some days we have arrived into the thickest fog you get wet walking through it! Other times, the horn is blowing to signal the pedestrian drawbridge is lifting. Early mornings bring a serene quiet, waving good-bye to the fisherman heading out to fish for the days catch.

 View of Perkins Cove in the foggy morning

                    View of Riverside Motel and harbor

The only lodging on Perkins Cove is at the Riverside Motel. From here you can access Perkins Cove very simply via the drawbridge which is a very convenient and charming way to get to the cove. The drawbridge is pedestrian-operated. So if you hear the horn of an oncoming sailboat, it is best to walk as swiftly as you can to the end of the drawbridge. There you will find a red button that operates the drawbridge. This is a highlight of each visit for our children.

Little boy on pedestrian drawbridge

Watching the pedestrian-operated drawbridge

You can catch a deep sea fishing charter from Perkins Cove or even a more relaxed sailing cruise. If you keep your eye out you may even see interesting boats owned by celebrities pull into the harbor. We once saw former President George Bush and his family boarding his very high-powered fishing boat embellished with the Presidential seal.

George Bush's fishing boat near drawbridge

Sailboat passing through open bridge. Former President George Bush docks his speedy fishing boat (center of photo) while he dines at Barnacle Billy's .

Boy wearing bud & june swimsuit

Bud & June swimsuit worn on the way to dinner

One of the highlights for our family is choosing a place to eat from the many choices. The Lobster Shack is always a favorite! It is a storied restaurant that serves up delicious lobster rolls, lobster BLT's in a cozy setting.  The original building dates back to the 1900's. You will feel as though you are on a boat when you enter, low ceilings, golden lighting and a cozy wood interior. The boys love their bud & june swimsuits so much, they wear them out to dinner. We love the versatility of the suits.  After dinner, we like to stroll down the boardwalk to Barnacle Billy's for an ice cream. There is a little window under the balcony of their main restaurant.  It is easy to miss. If you cannot find it, just follow the trail of giant ice cream cones!  Nearby is a small patio with tables and chairs that you can gaze out over the quaint harbor. Between the ice cream, the view of the harbor and the coming and going of boats, it allows for some quiet time with the kids. It is truly a very special location. 

Little boy eating ice cream in Maine

Ice cream from Barnacle Billy's

If you come in the off-season such as the fall or spring there is a fantastic Sunday brunch offering called Sunday Jazz brunch at MC Perkins Cove restaurant. Here you can listen to live music and eat hard-to-resist food. MC Perkins Cove even offers a donut of the day!  Yummy! Complete the morning by heading out for a stroll on the Marginal Way. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Sunday. I happen to love the shoulder seasons as they are quieter yet you can still enjoy great weather. 

 Candy store in Maine

A favorite after dinner stop on Perkins Cove

Rainbow over harbor Maine

Rainbow over the ocean

Nearby, Marginal Way footpath is also easily accessible. We love to venture out after a filling lunch. As you leave the bustle of the cove behind, you will find expansive views of the Atlantic Ocean which include breathtaking photo opportunities. As you round the corner of the Marginal Way Lighthouse, you will find stairs leading to a little beach where you can picnic and play. There are also 39 benches to take a rest along the footpath. The paved footpath is well loved by both residents and tourists. Wheelchairs, strollers and even dogs are allowed in the quiet season.  

Beach cove Marginal way maine

Beach alcove located just after the lighthouse 

If you drive into Perkins Cove from route 1, there is a large lot on the right as you approach Perkins Cove which you can usually get parking. If you continue to the tip of Perkins Cove there is a coveted parking lot as it is closer to everything. 

Lobster fisherman parking sign

Enjoy this charming slice of Maine!


Where to Eat:

MC Perkins Cove 111 Perkins Cove Road Ogunquit, ME 03907 Phone: 207-646-MCME (6263) Website:

Barnacle Billy's- 50-70 Perkins Cove Rd, Ogunquit, ME 03907

Footbridge Lobster-108 Perkins Cove Rd, Ogunquit, ME 03907 Phone (207) 251-4217 

The Lobster Shack Perkins Cove- Phone (207) 646-2941


Riverside Motel- Website:


Perkins Cove Candies-103 Oarweed Rd, Ogunquit, ME 03907

C & S Toy Chest-116 Perkins Cove Drawbridge, Ogunquit, ME 03907
Phone: (207) 646-8697

Bunny Clark-Deep-sea fishing and charters

Marginal Way-Picturesque, paved footpath leading from Perkins Cove to Oqunquit beach

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