beach vacation blog pier So nice of you to drop by! This is our blog called The Salt Life. We are continually inspired by the magic of the ocean. When we had our children the trips to the beach were so memorable as we watched them year after year develop their relationship to those great big waves. As we stare at the ocean as parents (yikes!) and as adults it still keeps us in awe. So we honor the inspiration that those waters give us on these pages, the cleansing it provides both body and mind. The renewed spirit we feel when we are in the presence of the ocean. It was through our beach life experiences that we were able to create the vision and designs of bud & june. We welcome you to our beach crew. Get comfy and stay as long as you like!

mother and son walking on beach

Read more about how we got started creating bud & june here. It was all planned very carefully. At least we hope it looks like it was! But the nitty-gritty was it was damn hard to start a business while growing a family. We are still standing on two feet most days!

mother with baby

If you would like to contribute to bud & june either with story, prose or other admirations you would like to share please check out our blog here.

Thank you for coming to visit!

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