The Salt Life

Welcome to The Salt Life! Our notebook on all things that inspire and motivate us at bud & june. The ocean, beaches, love, family, children, travel, vacations and basically anything that makes this world so magical.  

 Look for our 'Behind The Scenes' feature to learn about the "village" it takes and the amazing individuals that make our collection proudly in the USA. We look forward to bringing you behind the scenes of our company. You will meet the people behind the brand such as our cutters, seamstresses and printers.

sewing mannequin

We didn't forget about our customers. You can submit a photo of you, your family and we especially love photos of your kids wearing their favorite bud & june bathing suit. We want to know your favorite family vacation spot, travel essentials, or funny travel stories. We know you have a great vacation story! See if your photo gets featured! Submit your story to us at

bud & june boy with bucket

We will also be highlighting the mother and son relationship through photo journaling. It is a special bond between mother and son that we love to talk more about. Let us know if you have a special photo that was captured with your son. Tell us what it means to you. 

mother and son swimming ocean

Happy Travels!




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