Our Brand

We believe in magic. We know the secrets of a conch shell. We have commanded a pirate ship. We have raced the wind. We have touched the moon. We have ridden on the back of a whale.


At the heart of bud & june, there is bohemian spirit with a natural curiosity of life. We are passionate about creating clothing that will become your children’s favorites.  Our collection is original and stylish, offering fashion-passionate customers an exclusive and unique look.

It is important that children have clothing to express their unique personality. They need clothing that allows them to move freely, express themselves joyfully and fearlessly explore the space around them. Our globally influenced prints, from around the world, offer a distinct look that will feed their imagination.


Beyond our prints and styles that may speak to inspire you, bud & june believes that quality is just as important. Our swimsuits are crafted from the highest quality four way stretch fabric. In our catalogue, look for our trunks from one of the most innovative fabric mills in Italy. These items feature Xtra Life LYCRA® which retains the shape and fit of the garment over time. For added safety in the sun, look for our suits that feature the equivalent of SPF 50 sunblock for safe play in the sun. We expect our swimsuits to be durable and keep up with your child's rigorous play. These features of bud & june reflect our commitment to high quality standards. Our swimwear will stand up to:

  • Repeated washes
  • Chlorine
  • Saltwater
  • Sunscreen and Oils

In addition, our swimsuits are fully-lined and quick-drying which means more comfort and less changes of clothing! Our swimwear easily transitions to après-swimwear by simply adding a favorite t-shirt and flip-flops! Our swimsuits are  comfortable and they look great on the playground too!


We are proudly made in the USA. We believe the work we do matters. We want to work towards being a better company each day. We want the world to be better. We believe in treating employees fairly and ethically. We choose to work with companies that demonstrate this commitment and value to their employees.

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