Our Story

One bright and sunny day….
bud & june swimwear was created out of a desire by to outfit my boys in stylish and comfortable swimwear. While spending time at the beach, I noticed that all of the boys were wearing board shorts too long and walking around like cowboys trying to keep on sagging shorts! Their movements were being restricted. They were uncomfortable from the excess, wet fabric hanging off their bodies. I was determined to find different swim options for my active boys but the options available were limited and lacked style.
I was a fashion designer so I took one year to test fabric options, gather response and perfect the fit. The styles were met with such enthusiasm at the pool, on the beach and while vacationing. This confirmed that there were many others looking for a new option in swimwear for their children. 
The swimwear options for boys is rather limited if you are looking for unique styles. We think it is time we have a new compass of style for swimwear and beachwear!
The vision for our company logo, a compass, began with two of our favorite things: family and travel. They each guide us through this big adventure of life. The name bud & june is borrowed from two real-life characters, my  grandparents. They were two adventurous rebels in their day. They delighted her in early childhood with tales of travel and the most-loved misadventures. The importance of travel was carried on by her own parents throughout her childhood. She continues to collect a rich treasure-trove of favorite travel memories.  
At bud & june, we hold reverence for all of those marvelous road trips. We look forward to visiting the lands and waters yet to be seen. We rise to the challenge of graciously overcoming vacation mishaps. You know the ones! Those moments we laugh about most in family folklore. We tell these stories again and again until we know them by heart.  We are continually inspired by an affinity for travel. It is by crossing counties, continents and cultures, we can find ourselves and discover others. 
The world awaits!
Melissa began her fashion career with a fashion design degree from Marist College located in the beautiful Hudson Valley.  She was mentored by the luminary fashion designer , Pauline Trigère who pushed her to become a better designer. She learned marketing with Kenneth Cole, construction skills at YEOHLEE and mastered the fit of clothing at Banana Republic. She continued her career as a designer for the next several years working in Paris, London, and New York City. After taking time off to start a family, the lure of design, ever-present in her heart, brought her back into the fashion world.